Moonlight Melody is an unofficial Genshin Impact for-profit anthology dedicated to the romantic relationship between Xiao and Venti.


Moonlight Melody is a fic-centric fan anthology dedicated to the romantic relationship between Xiao and Venti from Genshin Impact. Writers and page artists will be paired together to create written works and accompanying artwork for this project.There will also be an accompanying side NSFW anthology.


Moonlight Melody is a reference to Xiao and Venti’s past where Venti’s music saved Xiao one fateful night in Liyue. The anthology will explore elements of eternal love and desires.


This anthology will be a physical A5 book in colour! It will also be sold in a PDF format.We will be looking for about: 12 SFW Writers, 5 NSFW Writers, 3 Comic Artists, 8 SFW Artists, 5 NSFW Artists, 3 Merch ArtistsDue to the nature of the NSFW add-on anthology as well as the anthology being for-profit, there will be an age restriction for contributors being 18+ only.


What is an anthology?
A fan anthology is a non-professional and non-official publication collection of writing.
Are AUs allowed?
Yes! As long as they fall in line with the theme.
For the NSFW side anthology will it include both Xiaoven and Venxiao?
Both dynamics will be included for the NSFW portion of this project!
Do I need to have experience in zines to apply?
No experience is required! We encourage all creators to apply!
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be gifted a free PDF of the anthology and will have the opportunity to purchase the anthology at production cost. Contributors may be able to receive a free physical copy/bundle depending on profits. Any leftover profits will be distributed between mods and contributors via Paypal.

Meet the Team


Head Mod, Organization, Social Media Mod

Can't get that funky little bard and his yaksha bf out of my head


  • Head Mod for Xiaoven week

  • Head Mod for Eimiko week

  • Writer for The Oni & the Shiba (Ittorou Zine)


Formatting & Graphics Mod

I love Xiao with my whole heart and his habit of becoming enamoured with the people who save him... especially our beloved bard Venti ❤️


  • 4+ years of professional graphic design experience

  • Formatting + Graphics Mod for Trail of the Qilin (Ganyu Zine)

  • Page artist for Aliferous (Xiaother Zine)

  • Page artist for Thundering Hearts (Genshin wlw Zine )

  • Page artist for Yatagarasu: Sara Zine

  • Page artist for Immortals of Tevyat Zine


Writing & NSFW Mod

Love a little guy who says 'ehe' to get out of responsibility


  • Head Mod for Take Your Time: a P5 Writers Zine

  • Writer for Stardust Tides (Childeaether Zine)

  • Writer for Aliferous (Xiaother Zine)


Art Mod

Xiaoven is just my way of projecting how I want Xiao and Venti to each be pampered


Finance & Shipping Mod

What’s not to love about these two!?


  • Finance & Shipping Mod for Uncharted Waters, Strange & Unusual, Journeys Beyond, Body Heat, Sk8 Thru 2022, Spoils of War, Binary Stars & Entwined

  • Shipping Mod for Creation, 1B Girls & Beyond Time

  • Layout Mod for Reflections, Dread, Wanderlust & Last Ones Standing


Intern Mod

A tiny goth bf with his equally tiny kpop stan bf? check again, it's Xiaoven, and i would d word for them


  • Writing, Org, and Comms Mod for Camp Sappho (A PJO Zine)

  • Writing Mod for Boyz With Fun: A BTS Magical Girl Zine

  • Mod Intern for Defenders of Teyvat (Genshin Magical Boys Zine)

Applicant Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Applicants must be 18+ by August 12

  • Portfolios should contain 5-10 samples of your best work in the style you plan to use for this anthology

  • You may apply for as many positions as you’d like but you will only be accepted for one position. SFW and NSFW will count as separate positions

  • One sample should be Genshin Impact related. Xiao or Venti pieces are not required but are appreciated

  • All samples must be labelled and tagged properly including NSFW samples

  • No dead dove content will be accepted

  • Portfolios must be accessible. To check this, open your links in incognito mode before submission

  • Accepted applications must have a Discord account for communication purposes

  • Page artists and writers should expect to collaborate with one another on this project

Writer Guidelines

  • Submit three (3) samples of your best work

  • All three (3) samples must have a combined total word count under 10,000

  • At least one (1) sample must be completed and between 2.5k-3k words in length

  • Submit a portfolio with 5-8 samples. This can be a Google Drive folder, however, AO3 pages are ok to submit even if there are more than 8 works listed

  • Your portfolio may overlap with your samples or have multiple excerpts pulled from the same works, but we heavily recommend as many unique pieces as possible. However, you must have at least 5 samples

  • Excerpts of longer fics are accepted

  • NSFW applicants must have at least one (1) NSFW sample

  • Writers will be judged based on characterization, storytelling, flow, spelling and grammar

SFW writers will be expected to produce one (1) fic 3k words in length
NSFW writers will be expected to produce one (1) fic 4k words in length
Writers will be paired with an artist for this project*Final word counts are subject to change

Artist Guidelines

  • Submit three (3) samples of your best work

  • Submit a portfolio of 5-10 fully-rendered samples in the style you are considering for this project (portfolios can be art blogs, Google Drives, websites, etc)

  • Please include at least two (2) samples with a full background (i.e. no solid backgrounds or simple gradients)

  • If you are applying for a comic artist position please have at least one (1) comic sample

  • All samples in your portfolio must be drawn and coloured by you

  • For NSFW applicants at least half of your portfolio should contain NSFW samples and preferably be in a separate labelled folder within your portfolio

  • Portfolios will be judged on anatomy, composition, lighting, colour usage, and grasp of personal style

SFW & NSFW artists will be expected to produce one (1) full page illustration + one (1) small sketch
Page artists will be paired with a writer for this projectComic artists will be expected to produce a 2-page comic, formatted over one spread

Merch Artist Guidelines

  • Submit three (3) samples of your best work

  • Submit a portfolio of 5-10 samples (portfolios can be art blogs, Google Drives, websites, etc)

  • At least one (1) sample should contain chibi art

  • Prior merch experience is not required

  • Portfolios will be judged on composition, pose, and convertibility into merch products

Merch Artists will produce 2-3 pieces of merch


June 20 - July 11Interest Check
June 24 - July 1Mod Apps
July 5Mod Results
July 15 - August 12Applications
August 22Application Results
August 29Acceptance Deadline
September 5Pitches due
September 15Pairs Revealed
October 1First Check In
November 5Second Check In
December 3Third Check In
January 7Final Submissions
March 2023Preorders
April 2023 ~Production

*all dates are subject to change

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